Shazam For Windows

Effective Feb. 7, 2017, we are sunsetting Shazam for Windows. However, anyone who previously downloaded and installed Shazam for Windows on their phone can continue to use the app and access all features.
Read on for more answers to questions you may have.
What happened to Shazam for Windows?
It has been discontinued, and as of Feb. 7, 2017, will no longer be supported—nor will it appear in the Microsoft App Store as an available download.
Can I still use Shazam for Windows on my phone if I previously downloaded it? 
Yes! Shazam will continue to work until or unless it becomes incompatible with a different version of Microsoft's operating system.
Will there be any further updates to Shazam for Windows?
No. The current Shazam for Windows is the final version.
As always, you can contact us with any further questions.
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