Getting unique insights with Shazam Connect

Get data insights on your songs

Go to the ‘Track Insights’ tab and search for any of your tracks to get the daily number of Shazams over a variety of time periods.

The ‘Track Insights’ tab gives you an overview of how your tracks have been performing over the past day, 7 days and 14 days, in the location of your choice, with the following reports:

  • Shazam by day: the number times the track has been Shazamed per day
  • Shazam by hour: what time of the day your track was Shazamed the most (average for 7 and 14 days in UTC timezone).
  • Weekly Top countries: the ranking of the countries where your track has been most shazamed during the week and the related chart position. You get this module when you select ‘worldwide’ in the country filter.
  • Weekly top cities: the ranking of the cities where your tracks have been shazamed the most worldwide or in a country, and the related chart position.

Shazam by day of the week: displays which days your track was Shazamed the most (average for 7 and 14 days).


Know more about your audience

The ‘Artist Overview’ tab offers a snapshot of your Shazam audience, and overall artist performance.

Get an overview of your follower growth over time with infographics updated daily.

The infographics show you the number of followers that you’ve gained day over day, week over week, and month over month, and the related growth rate.


See where you are trending

Each week we look at which tracks are trending in cities all over the world. If your track is one of them, we will let you know of up to 3 cities where it is trending.

Look out for the red dot on your Artist Overview tab in Shazam Connect, which indicates you have new trending data to view.


Measure the success of your posts

As you post content to your fans via Shazam Connect, you can see what’s working well via our artist dashboard.

The ‘published posts’ dashboard displays the number of impressions for each post and the related engagement rate.

Your post’s engagement rate is the total number of interactions [plays on the track or the videos, clicks on the cover art, on artist name] over the total number of impressions for each post.




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