Customizing my profile (Profile Picture & Videos)

How can I update my profile image?

If you are an existing Shazam verified artist, you can change your profile image at any time on Shazam for Artists. Scroll over your profile image and click ‘Update Image’ to get started.

1- Scroll over your profile image on the artist dashboard and click 'Update Image'.




2- Select the new image from your computer to upload.




3- Drag the square to reposition the image to the centre and click 'save'. Your profile image will update.


If you don't see the new image on your profile right away don't worry, it may take 24 hours for your cache to clear. Your fans will be able to see the picture, even if you can't.


What size should my photo be?

For optimal results, upload PNG or JPG images of at least 1000x1000 pixels which are less than 5MB.



How can I change the videos on my artist profile?
On the Shazam for Artists portal, go to 'My Profile' tab and Youtube videos section: from there, you can add or update your Youtube video channel to your artist profile.


Click on 'Add YouTube channel' or 'Update YouTube channel' and enter the Youtube channel you want your artist profile to be linked with.
The format of the URL that you add should be:
Once you have added or updated your channel, the Youtube channel linked to your artist profile displays in the 'Youtube videos' section in the 'My profile' tab.
Your videos will appear on your artist page and your track results.
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