Shazam For Artists

How can I get an access to Shazam For Artists?

Now that Shazam has joined the Apple family, we’re excited to announce that Shazam track insights have moved over to Apple Music for Artists. As a result, however, we are no longer accepting new Shazam for Artists accounts. You can sign up for Apple Music for Artists instead and see how your music is performing across Apple Music, iTunes, and Shazam from a single dashboard.

* Get a global view of your Shazam data with country- and city-level data.

* Explore detailed Shazams and listener trends with deeper historical data

* Identify milestones and all-time bests for your songs and albums.

You can also check your music’s performance on the go with the Apple Music for Artists iOS app here.

Sign up now! 

If you’re a label representative looking to join an artist's Apple Music for Artists profile, work directly with the artist's team to have your request reviewed or to be added as a user.


I have issues to login with Shazam For Artists - I am using email login

If you have lost or forgotten your password, please click HERE and enter the email address that you sign in to Shazam For Artists with.

This will send a new verification code to that email address, use this code on the tab you left open, and setup a new password.

If you have logged in with Google the first time you’ve access Shazam For Artists, use Google and not email.


I have issues to login with Shazam For Artists - I am using Google login

If you are unable to log in, it may be that your browser has saved the login details of another Google account you use, and is attempting to log in with those.

The easiest thing to do is to make sure you are not signed in to any Google apps (Email/Calendar/Docs/Drive etc.) on any of your other browser tabs.

For ease, clicking HERE will log you out of ALL Google accounts from ALL tabs.

Then go HERE and try to login to the Shazam For Artists again.

Otherwise, if you have logged in with email and password the first time, you’ve access Shazam For Artists, use email login and not Google.


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