What is Shazam?

Shazam is a magical mobile app that recognises music, TV and media around you. It's the best way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love - and it's free on Apple, Android and Windows devices. 

Share your favourite discoveries with friends. Follow your favourite artists and find out what they're listening to. Purchase tracks to own forever. Keep to the beat with built-in lyrics and listen to your heart's content with a premium streaming subscription. 

One of the world’s top ten apps, Shazam reaches more than 500 million users in 200 countries, exceeds 100 million monthly active users, and is growing by over 13 million new users each month.


All About Shazam

Hey, there's a camera icon in my Shazam

How do I Shazam Music and TV?

What Type of Music can Shazam Identify?



Problems creating an email account?

Submitting Tracks to Shazam

Create a Shazam Account Using Your Email (iPhone) (Android)


Privacy and Information

Deleting Your Shazam Data

Collected Information and Privacy

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