Shazam and Siri

What can you say to get Siri to Shazam?

Try "Siri, Shazam this song", “What's this song?”, “Name that tune", "What's the song Siri?” or simply "Shazam this".


What happens next?

Your tag result will appear as a Siri notification, where you'll receive full details of the track identified and a link to purchase via iTunes (where available).

To save your Siri result, select the Shazam button. This will take you through to the My Shazam section of the app, where your result will be saved.


Can you use Siri to Shazam TV?

Not just yet. TV is best buddies with the Shazam app.


Can you use Siri to Shazam an ad?

Watch this space.

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