What type of music can Shazam identify?

Shazam can identify pre-recorded music by matching it against the millions of songs in our database. Our music gurus source pre-release tracks and local music from over 100 different countries.

Does Shazam work with live music?

Shazam can only identify pre-recorded music. Shazaming tracks when you're at a concert or music festival is out.

Can it identify my humming or singing?

Shazam only works with pre-recorded music. Singing into a hairbrush won't work, no matter how good you are. Sorry.

What about Jazz and Classical music?

Classical tracks can be recorded many times over by various artists, so it can sometimes be tricky for Shazam to tell the different versions apart.

There are no technical restraints with Jazz and we're working on adding as much Jazz music to the database as possible.

We have many Jazz and Classical pieces already in our database and we're adding more every day, so it's always worth giving Shazam a shot at identifying your favourite piece.

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