Submitting tracks to Shazam

PLEASE NOTE: We're not able to accept any methods of submission other than those outlined below. CDs and download links can't be processed by us.


Artists or their representatives can add their songs or albums to our database. In every case, you must have the legal right to submit content. By submitting content you confirm you have the legal right to submit such content.


You can submit content to Shazam through distribution services such as:

CDBabyFuga / Ingrooves / The Orchard  / Tunecore and many more.


Once you’ve registered with a distributor you'll need to ask them to deliver the content to Shazam.

Double-check they send to Shazam before distributing your music through their distribution service . Please also be aware that distributor policies are subject to change at their own discretion.


How can I add my biography?

We license our bio's from ROVI - register with them to submit your bio and let us know your story.


How do I submit lyrics?

Submit lyrics through Musixmatch so everyone can sing along to your latest hit. We reserve the right to not display lyrics due to licensing restrictions. 


You don't have the song I wanted to Shazam. How do I let you know about it?

We have millions of Shazamable tracks, but some might slip through the net now and then. Get in touch with as much information as possible such as artist, song title, album title and a link to the audio. We'll take a look to see why it's not available and if we're able to add it - fingers crossed!

Please note that in some cases we may not be able to add the song due to quality, copyright, technical, or other reasons.


Shazam does not make any guarantee as to the quality of the services used in connection with content submission.



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