Deleting your Shazam data

How to delete your Shazam account

We are sad to see you go but we hope that you've enjoyed your time using Shazam :) 

If you wish to delete your account, please follow these steps:

1) First, sign out of your account on all devices (phone, tablet, desktop) before deleting your account through this portal

2) Select ‘delete your account’ (below)

3) You will be asked to authenticate yourself; sign in with the account you wish to delete

4) On receipt of an authenticated deletion request, we will remove your account and erase your personal data associated with Shazam—including your email address and, if you signed in with Facebook, our records of your Facebook ID and any personal data shared with us via the Facebook platform. Depending on your Facebook privacy settings this may include your Public Profile, Email Address, Birthday, Friends List and Current City

5) Analytics logs about how you used Shazam will not be erased, but once your account is deleted, these logs will no longer be personally identifiable

6) The deletion process will be completed within 30 days


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