"Ok Google, Shazam this song"



What is it?

The only way to make discovering music easier than tapping a button is no button at all.

How do you use it?

Now, in the Google app you can recognize music around you by just saying the magic words “Ok Google, Shazam this song” with those beautiful pipes of yours and instantly see what’s playing.

Where do I find the Google app?

Android devices have various ways of receiving voice commands. Some variants:

  • Home screen shows a Google Search bar with a microphone - tap and speak
  • Swipe up to open the Google app, then speak
  • Press and hold the Menu or Home button to open the Google app, then speak
  • Swipe across to the left-most home screen to see the Google app, then speak

Your Android device may need to have the Google app added to it.

Where can i use it?



What commands does it accept?

“Ok Google, shazam this song”

“Ok Google, shazam this track”

“Ok Google, shazam this tune”

“Ok Google, recognize this song on Shazam”

“Ok Google, recognize this track on Shazam”

“Ok Google, recognize this tune on Shazam”

“Ok Google, shazam this song on Shazam”

“Ok Google, open Shazam”

“Ok Google, launch Shazam”

I don’t seem to see anything different to the usual google experience.

Make sure you have the Shazam app fully installed and try again.


Do i need to update my Shazam app?

Maybe - ensure Shazam and the Google app are updated and Shazam away.


Does it store my Shazams?

Shazam always saves tracks you identify. If you are connected to Spotify or Rdio it will also automatically add to your “My Shazam playlist”

Does it work on iPhone?

Nope, this is dedicated to Android users only. 

Does it work on the Google search site in Chrome on Android?

Nope, this is only found in the Google app on Android.

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