Shazam app misbehaving? You have Qs. We have As. (Android)

If Shazam is hitting a few bum notes, check out these handy hints to solve things with little fuss:

  • Use the latest version of Shazam. The old version of the app has issues we already fixed. Visit the Google Play Store on your phone for a quick update.

  • Use the latest version of Android. The new version of Shazam works best on the new version of Android. Update by opening your phone's Settings menu, followed by About Phone and System Updates.

  • Hard close Shazam. We all need a fresh start now and then. To close down the app, tap the multitasking button and swipe the Shazam window left.

  • Power cycle your phone. Hold down the power button and then select Power Off.

Should I try deleting and reinstalling the app?  Delete the app and your Shazams will disappear along with them, unless you've previously created a Shazam account, in which case they'll be stored at




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