Everything you need to know about saving your Shazams (Android)

What happens when I Shazam a song?

Your discovery is saved in the ‘My Shazam’ section of the app where you can see all the tracks you’ve discovered. From there you can preview the song, tap to visit the track page or tap to listen in Apple Music or your preferred streaming service.



What happens if I delete Shazam from my phone?

If you signed in through Facebook, or created a Shazam account using your email address, all of your Shazams are saved to your account and at www.shazam.com/myshazam. If you didn’t, they’re lost forever.


I didn’t sign into Facebook or create an account - can you find my tags for me?

Unfortunately not. Once your Shazams have been deleted, they’re gone for good.


How can I save my Shazams?

Go to the My Shazam tab and scroll down to your ‘History’. The top left card should say ‘Save your Shazams’ and give you the option to log in. Tap on ‘Login’ and you will be brought to the login screen. You can then choose to continue with Facebook or Email to make an account.



Can I save my Shazams to more than one account?

Shazams can only be saved to one account. If you change the Shazam account you're using, any Shazams you've saved to a different account won't be saved to your new account as well.


I’ve bought a new phone. Will my Shazams automatically sync across from my old phone if I sign into my Shazam account?

Yes, simply create a log in to keep your Shazams safe. From there, we’ll back up all your Shazams to your new account, where they’ll always be waiting.


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