App permissions

Why Does Shazam Need These App Permissions?

Shazam on Android requests permissions to enable the associated functionality. These permissions are requested in the app and require your consent. You can manage these permissions and make changes at any time under Shazam in the Android Settings.

We strive to provide users with context as to why the permission is being requested. A detailed breakdown of each permission request and why we need it is below. If you'd like to know about what information Shazam collects please read our article:

Collected Information and Privacy

The app works in accordance to our Terms & Conditions

Permissions Breakdown


  • To offer validated email addresses during registration. One of the first screen the user sees on Android Lollipop and prior versions is the Newsletter registration screen. They can accept or refuse to receive our newsletter in this screen. This is where we'll use their account detail to fill in the email address field.


  • To remind you of where you Shazamed. This information is available in our track page as well as in our local Charts and Explore. In addition, we may share your location with third parties for advertising purposes. 


  • To cache images and data for album art and Google maps. These images are present throughout the app when we show you track details.


  • To allow your device to Shazam QR codes or other visual media. It ties to our Shazam button when trying to identify images


  • To listen to music so you can Shazam. It ties to our SHAZAM button in app when trying to identify music.

Bluetooth Connection Information:

  • To capture beacons in store so that you can Shazam whilst you shop and get special promotion.

Device ID & Call Information:

  • To allow incoming phone calls to interrupt a Shazam.



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