Restoring your Encore purchase (Android)

If you've previously purchased Shazam Encore from the Google Play Store, it's super simple to restore it on an Android device.

First, make sure you are logged into the Google Play Store with the same account that was used to purchase Shazam Encore initially.

Once you've done this, search for Shazam Encore in the Google Play Store. It should be available for free so you can enjoy a Shazam experience without any ads. 


I bought Shazam Encore on a different platform. Can I transfer it to Android?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer app purchases from one platform to another. 

When a purchase is made online, the license is linked to the platform-specific account used to purchase it. For example, a purchase made on the Apple App Store would be linked to a specific Apple ID and there is no way for the license to be transferred to a Google ID, or vice versa.


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