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How the heck do I Shazam on Android Wear?

Update to the latest version of Shazam for Android. When your paired phone and watch sync you’ll see the Shazam app on your Android watch.


Does Shazam capture music from the Android Wear device or my handset?

It uses the mic on your watch. Leave your phone in your pocket.


Can I buy music on my Android Wear?

Your Shazams will be saved in My Shazam on your phone, so although you can’t buy directly from the watch you can easily pick up those great tracks from your phone whenever it’s convenient.


Do I need my phone to use Android Wear Shazam features?

You bet. Android Wear requires an Android handset to run.


How does Android Wear connect to my device?

Install the Android Wear app on your Android handset. Then follow the instructions to pair your Android Wear to your handset via bluetooth and sync your Wear apps.


What happens if I try to Shazam on Android Wear while out of range on my handset?

Android Wear will tell you it can’t communicate with your handset. Shazam won’t work.


Which Android devices can connect to Android Wear?

You will need an Android phone running Android 4.3 or higher that supports Bluetooth. To find out if your phone supports Android Wear, just visit from your phone.


Can I see my Shazam taglist on Android Wear?

You can’t see your list of Shazams on Android Wear, but head over to Shazam on your phone and you’ll find all your matches made using your watch right there.


Can I connect to Spotify/Deezer/rdio through Android Wear? 

Nope, do this from your phone. Once connected, any matches made on your watch will be added to your connected My Shazam tracks playlist in the same way as if done on your phone.


How do I view lyrics on Android Wear?

Lyrics come up when you Shazam the song with your watch - just swipe right. Don’t be afraid to sing!



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