Problems creating an email account?

There's a small chance you might see one of these two error messages when creating an email account. Here's how to handle them:


I can’t get past a ‘we’re directing you, please wait...’ screen. What’s gone wrong?

If our website is experiencing a lot of traffic, this page might pop up while you’re waiting. If you’re not automatically redirected, try selecting ‘reload the page’ at the bottom of the screen or waiting a few minutes before trying again.


Why do I see a ‘Using a different device?’ message when I try to confirm my account?

For security reasons you need to confirm your email address on the same device you signed up on. If you sign up on a phone but try to confirm on a laptop, for example, you’ll see the screen below. Just make sure that you’re accessing your emails on the same device it was sent from and you’ll be raring to go in no time.


You can also view more information about setting up a Shazam account here:

Android -


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