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You have Qs. We have As. Get the scoop on Shazam and Apple Watch. 


How the heck do I Shazam on Apple Watch?

Get the Apple Watch app right on your iPhone.


Does Shazam capture music from my phone or my watch?

Phone all the way. The Apple Watch microphone is only sidekicks with phone calls and Siri.


Can I buy music on Apple Watch?

Yep, click the Buy option on the track page. Purchase via Handoff on the iPhone.


What in the world is Handoff?

Handoff lets you start a task on Apple Watch and continue on iPhone. Look for the small icon on the bottom left corner of your iPhone lock screen, then swipe up. Your Apple Watch request is ready to go.


Do I need my phone to use Apple Watch Shazam features?

You bet. Apple Watch requires iPhone to run.


How does Apple Watch connect to my device?

Set up Apple Watch via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Pair Apple Watch to iPhone via Bluetooth.


What happens if I try to Shazam on Apple Watch while out of range of my iPhone?

Time will stop. Just kidding. Apple Watch will tell you it can’t communicate with iPhone. Shazam won’t work.


What version of WatchOS do I need?
Shazam supports WatchOS 2.2 and above.


What iOS device connects to Apple Watch?

iPhone 5 or above (5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 7, 7+) running iOS 9.3 or above. It won’t sync to iPad. Sad tear.


Can I see my Shazam taglist on Apple Watch?

Yep, your most recent 20 Shazams will show on the home screen of Apple Watch under the Touch to Shazam button. Swipe up on Apple Watch to show Glances. Swipe right to find Shazam and see your taglist.


Can I connect to Spotify/Deezer/rdio through Apple Watch?

Nope, do this from your phone.


How do I view lyrics on Apple Watch?

Shazam a song or view a previously Shazamed song to see the track page. Tap Lyrics. If you view Lyrics after Shazaming they will unfold with the music. Don’t be afraid to sing.


Can I Auto Shazam on Apple Watch?

Definitely. Hold the home screen button to access Start Auto Shazam. Tap again to start Auto Shazaming.

When you want to give Auto Shazam a breather, just follow the above steps again. 


For Q's specific to the watch, click here to visit the dedicated Apple support community : Apple Watch Support



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