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How do I get Shazam on my Apple Watch?

There are just 3 easy steps to get started:


  1. Update to the latest version of watchOS by going into the watch app on your iPhone and opening General > Settings > Software Update. Follow the instructions on your device. For more info:
  2. Once your watch is updated, go into the watch app on your iPhone and select the option to install Shazam on your watch
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of Shazam by searching for Shazam in the app store and tapping the update button.


Does Shazam capture music from my phone or my watch?

As long as you’re on watchOS4+, your watch will do all the listening.


Do I need my phone to use Apple Watch Shazam features?

If you have the Watch Series 3 LTE, you can shazam phone-free! If you have an older Apple Watch device you’ll need to have your iPhone connected in order to name that song.


What happens if I try to Shazam on Apple Watch while out of range of my iPhone?

If you don’t have a Watch Series 3 LTE, then you can still use your watch to listen to the music while away from your iPhone. We’ll give you a little tap on your wrist when we have a result for you after you’ve reconnected with your phone.


What version of WatchOS do I need?

Shazam supports WatchOS 4 and above. You’ll also need version 11.4 + of Shazam on your iPhone.


What iOS device connects to Apple Watch?

iPhone 5 or above (5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 7, 7+) running iOS 11 or above.


Can I see my Shazam taglist on Apple Watch?

Yep, your most recent 20 Shazams will show on the home screen of the Apple Watch app under the Shazam button. Use the watch crown (or your finger) to scroll through your previous Shazams (and all their artwork!).


Can I connect to Spotify/Deezer/rdio through Apple Watch?

Nope, do this from your phone.


Can I listen to my previous Shazams on Apple Watch?

You can listen to previews of your last 5 shazams from you Apple Watch by swiping up on the watch app home screen and tapping on the blue play button. Once the track starts playing you can use the watch crown to control the volume.


For Q's specific to the watch, click here to visit the dedicated Apple support community : Apple Watch Support



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