Shazam and Spotify (Android)

Listen with Spotify and Create a Playlist

We're all about the music here at Shazam. That's why, not only do we allow you to preview what you've Shazamed, you can also stream tracks in full within our app, as well as add them to playlists within Spotify. Plus, this feature is now available in more countries than ever.

Please note that you will need a premium subscription to Spotify in order to listen to tracks in full.


Traveling? If you are a Premium Spotify user, you can use the account unlimited when traveling (even in countries where Spotify has not launched). If you are a Free Spotify user, you can use the account for 14 days abroad before losing the option to connect to Spotify.


Streaming tracks in Shazam with Spotify

Okay, let's get started! You've Shazamed a track and you want to play it in full. Here's how:

1) All you need to do is click CONNECT



Adding a Shazamed track to a Spotify playlist

Right, you've Shazamed a track, you've listened to it, but you want to add it to that killer playlist you've been building in Spotify. It really couldn't be easier:

1) Make sure you’re Connected to Spotify.

2) Tap the ‘Add to’ button on your Shazam result.



3) Select a playlist from the menu (this has to be a playlist you've created - you can't add tracks to playlists you follow on Spotify)



4) Once you've done that, you'll be taken back to Shazam where you'll see a message confirming that the track has been successfully added to your playlist




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