How do I Shazam music and TV?

What is Shazaming? 

Shazaming simply means identifying. When you use the app and successfully identify a track or show, you've Shazamed it!


How do I Shazam music?

  1. Download Shazam from the app store on your phone.
  2. Open the app, hold your phone towards the audio and tap on the 'Shazam' icon.

We'll work our magic and within seconds you’ll know the name of the song and artist, which will be stored in the My Shazam section of the app.

Purchase the song, watch Youtube videos, sing along to the lyrics, share tracks with friends - and more!


How does Shazam identify music?

When you tap the Shazam button, a unique digital fingerprint is created and matched against our database of millions of tracks. In a matter of seconds we'll let you know the name of your latest musical discovery.


How do I Shazam TV?

Bring ads to life with Shazam. When you see a Shazam logo on TV, hold your phone towards the audio and tap the 'Shazam' icon to interact with exclusive content you won't get anywhere else.



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