Everything you need to know about saving your Shazams (Windows)

What happens when I Shazam a song?

Your discovery is saved in the ‘My Shazam’ section of the app.


What happens if I delete Shazam from my phone?

If you signed in through Facebook, all of your Shazams are saved at www.shazam.com/myshazam. If you didn't, they're lost forever.

To sign-in through Facebook, visit the My Shazam section of the app, tap the settings button and then select 'Log in with Facebook'.


I didn't sign in with Facebook - can't you find my Shazams for me?

Unfortunately not. Once your Shazams have been deleted, they’re gone for good.


I’ve bought a new phone - will my Shazams automatically sync across from my old phone if I sign into Facebook?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Windows. 



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