Offline Shazaming (Windows)

Never stop discovering - even without a data connection 

Phone in Airplane Mode? No mobile data? WiFi down? We all lose connection now and then, but you never need to stop Shazaming. Here’s how it works.


I have no connection - what now?

Just open the app and tap the Shazam button as usual. A digital fingerprint of the audio will be created and stored on the app. You’ll also see a pop-up message telling you that you’re offline, and that we’ll try again when you’re next connected to the internet.


Can I see how many pending tags I have?

Absolutely. You can view this at bottom of the Homescreen.


What next?

When you next have a stable internet connection, Shazam will automatically look for a match for you. If successful, your new discoveries will be added to the My Shazam tab and you’ll see a notification appear at the bottom of the Homescreen.


My pending tags have disappeared - what happened?

If Shazam wasn’t able to find a match for your pending tags, you'll receive a message at the bottom of the Homescreen.


There are two main reasons why this might happen:

  1. We weren’t able to find a match - our database has millions of songs, but some might slip through the net now and then. 
  2. The digital fingerprint taken was of a low quality. For example, the volume was too low or there was too much background noise. This makes it hard for Shazam to find an exact match, even if the song is already in our database.


But my pending tags aren't sending when I have a network connection.

We're aware of an issue where pending tags don't automatically send on some Nokia devices. We're working on it, but if this happens, try closing Shazam down and opening it from scratch.

To close down Shazam just hold down the back button on your phone, find the Shazam window and then press the 'X' button in the top right-hand corner. Restart Shazam and your pending tags should now send.



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