Shazam and Apple Music

Listen to your latest and greatest Shazams in full using Apple Music.


How do I listen to tracks using Apple Music?

Just open a track page on your iPhone and tap the ‘Open’ button. This will open the track in the Music app on your phone, where you can start listening in full.

To listen to tracks in full, you'll need to have an active membership with Apple Music - either paid or a free trial. You can start your free trial by tapping Apple Music from anywhere inside Shazam.



Can I still buy tracks from iTunes?

Absolutely. If you’d like to purchase songs for keeps, just visit ‘My Shazam’ in the app and tap the more options menu on the  track you’d like to buy. You can then choose whether to purchase the track from iTunes or stream it via Apple Music.



How can I add a track to an Apple Music playlist?

Tap on the 'Listen on Apple Music' button to open the track within the music app. Next, tap the options button next to the track you want to add (the options button is represented by three ellipses). Then select 'Add to a Playlist' to construct your perfect playlist.


What do I need to listen to full tracks in Apple Music?

To get started you need iOS 9 and above. 


Why can't I see an Apple Music button in Shazam?

Apple Music integration is only available in certain territories at present, but we hope to continue adding more regions in the future.




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