Follow your favorite artists with Shazam (Android)

The biggest stars in the world are also the biggest fans. For the first time, see what your favourite artists are discovering in Shazam.


What is this new feature?

You can now follow your favorite artists and see exactly what they’re Shazaming. We’ll also keep you up-to-date with new singles, albums, and videos from the artists you follow.


How do I start following artists in Shazam?

You’ll automatically start following all artists you’ve Shazamed in the app - past, present and future.

You can also manually follow artists by tapping the ‘Follow’ button on a track page or artist page.



How can I see all the artists I’m following?

Visit ‘My Shazam’ in the app and you can see the number of tracks you’ve Shazamed and the number of artists you’re following at the top of the screen. Simply hit ‘Following’ and you’ll see who’s sharing their newest musical discoveries with you.



How do I see an artist’s Shazams?

When you follow an artist, their Shazams will automatically pop up in your News Feed. Just scroll down the homepage to share in their latest finds. You can also view their Shazams, along with their music videos and more, by tapping on their name to visit their artist page.


Is it easy to stop following artists?

You bet. Just hit the ‘Following’ button next to an artist’s name to stop following them.


What’s the ‘Like’ button for?

Want to show your appreciation for an artist’s latest find? Tap the ‘Like’ button to share the love.


Do I need to be logged in to use this feature?

You can use the like button to your heart’s content without logging in, but manually following and unfollowing artists requires a Shazam account. For more information about setting up a Shazam account, click here:


Is this available to everyone?

Yep! It’s launching worldwide for all our Shazamers.


Can I follow my friends?

You can’t directly follow friends in Shazam, but you can connect to Facebook in the ‘Settings’ page of Shazam and see your Facebook friends’ latest finds in your News Feed.


How do I stop receiving notifications about an artist’s Shazams?

Every now and then we’ll send you a push notification to inform you of an exciting new musical discovery from one of your followed artists. If you’d prefer to turn these off, just follow this guide here:


I can see that artists have their own page - can I manage my own?

First off, make sure that you have a verified BandPage profile as this is a mandatory requirement for managing your Shazam profile. You can create a BandPage profile here:

You can also upload your biography to Rovi, which will then be included on your Shazam profile:

Once you've done this, you can start the Shazam verification process here:

A member of the Shazam Music Team will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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