Visual Shazam - See it. Shazam it.

Hey, there's a camera icon in my Shazam - what is it?

You can now Shazam images whenever you see our camera logo or a QR code. Unlock additional content, interactive experiences, special offers, and much more.

Here’s a cheat sheet so you can Shazam in a snap – just open, tap, and point:


Any more tips on how to use Visual Shazam?

Here's a few pointers to get the perfect Shazam:

  • Hold your device 4-7" from the whole interactive image
  • Allow your camera to focus
  • Scanning in dim light? Hit the flash button


Wait, you're the music identification app - what's with the visual stuff?

Don't worry - the button you've come to rely on to identify music is still there. It's just gotten better because we're expanding the range of things you'll be able to Shazam in the future. We've been hard at work building it and know you'll love it.

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