Listen for free to all the music you Shazamed and more inside our app.

Use Shazam to immediately play the songs you discovered, other similar tracks and new genre playlists.


What is this new feature?

You can now listen to music for free inside the app. Just tune in to your favorite playlist station to enjoy the music. Shazam will use your recent discoveries and listening habits to build for you a playlist that will match your preferences and from where you’ll find new songs. The more you Shazam the better the recommendations are!


How do I start listening to music?

Go inside the Listen tab and tune in to your favorite playlist station to enjoy the music. You can Play, Pause and Skip track.



Am I able to listen to music if I quit the app?


If you’re listening to our playlists via the default video option, you need to be in the Listen tab inside the app to be able to listen to the playlists. However you can connect to Spotify or Apple Music inside the Shazam app and get to listen to the full playlists whether you’re in app or outside the app.


How do I connect to Spotify or Apple Music inside the new Listen feature?

While on the playlist, tap on the menu icon at the top of the page and connect to Spotify Premium.



If I stop listening to a playlist, can I resume it later?

Yes you can. Just tap on the ‘Continue Listening’ to resume the last playlist station played.



What’s the ‘Add to Playlist’ button for?

‘Add to Playlist’ allows you to add the track to your ‘My Shazam’ page, an existing Spotify playlist or an Apple Music playlist.

What’s the ‘Like’ button for?

The ‘Like’ button helps us improve the playlists based on your taste. The more you give us information about the tracks you liked the better the playlists will be.

What is the ‘Recently Played’ and what can I do in it?

‘Recently played’ keeps a history of the last 10 tracks you played within the playlist. By tapping on the menu icon next to each track, you can share it or find more information about the song by going to the track page.


What are the Playlists in the new LISTEN feature?

In Listen you will find the following Playlists:


  • My Shazam - ‘My Shazam’ playlist plays a mix based on your Shazams and recommended tracks based on your Shazams

  • Shazam Viral - Emerging hits that are topping the Shazam charts

  • Genre Playlists - Top tracks across six main genres: Pop,Dance, Hip Hop & RnB, Classic Rock, Country, Alternative

  • City Playlist: The most shazamed tracks for a specific genre across different cities

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