Music Discovery In Shazam

Visit the Discover tab for your daily dose of music. You’ll find a mix of new songs, videos and playlists - personalized just for you and refreshed every single day.

Overview: We added a new tab called ‘Discover’ - which includes a mix of content cards with:

- Song Recommendations
- New Video Releases
- Recommended Playlists
- Shazams from your Facebook friends
- Posts from you favorite artists
- Shazam Chart updates
Shazam uses your recent discoveries and app interactions to curate the best content just for you. The more you use the feature, the better the recommendations will be.


Discover - Just navigate to the new ‘Discover’ tab to start your music-discovery journey. If this is your first visit, we’ll ask you to complete a quick on-boarding process. If you tell us what music genres and which artists you like, our recommendations will be much better. 



Your daily mix - The mix of cards will be refreshed every single day around midnight local time. We’ll always show you a new set of music recommendations based on your music taste.
If you like or dislike something, you can let us know by using the overflow menu. This will help us to even further personalize your recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions


I accidentally skipped first step in discover. How do I go back and do it again?

If you've tapped skip when selecting your favorite genres and artists in Discover, the best way to pick your favorites is to "Improve your mix". You can do this by:
 - Tapping the 3 dots at the top of any Discover card, and selecting "Improve your mix"; or
 - Swiping to the end of your cards and tapping "Improve your mix"
Either option will take you to a list of the artists you are following where you can add or remove. We will use your selections to improve your next mix. 
How do you add a music genre, after the "let's go"?
Tap on any of the genres you see! Once you have made a selection, you can move to the next screen and pick some of your favorite artists from that genre. We will then use those artists to tailor you mix. 
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