Pop Up Shazam

Recognize music playing in 3rd party apps without having to leave the app!


What is this new feature?

This new Android only feature let’s users Shazam in third party apps by activating a floating button that is overlaid on the screen.

How do I use it?

When Pop Up Shazam is switched on, you will see a persistent notification in you notification drawer. This notification will be used to trigger the floating button. Just tap on it and you will see the Shazam button appear. To Shazam tap on the button and we will tell you the result wherever you are.


How do I dismiss the button?

Simply drag the button at the lower part of your screen and it will disappear.



How do I dismiss the persistent notification?

In order to dismiss the notification, you will need to Switch O ff the feature. There are two ways to do that:

1)Visit Shazam Settings and switch off Pop Up Shazam


2)Swipe down the notification and tap on Turn Off


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